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July 18th, 2017 – Introducing Clarita

Here is another wonderful ukulele I will complete soon. Named CLARITA, from the Latin claro meaning pure in sound and distinct in expression, this tenor ukulele is crafted from Macassar Ebony for the fretboard and bindings, Curly Koa for back and sides and a Port Orford Cedar top. The Venetian cutaway isn’t a common application for me on a ukulele, and adds some sharpness to the instrument.

This instrument will soon be on its way to a very musical family here in Ontario, and will be in a household full of professional jazz.

July 4th, 2017 – Grande Amigo Sings Again

You’ll likely remember the update of the six-string baritone ukulele crafted for Tony Horlor, a skilled musician and LFdM enthusiast who is kind enough to share sound clips and videos of him enjoying his ukulele. Here you’ll hear him on the ukulele and lead vocals. He’s added some good details on the video information also.


December 24, 2015 – Merry Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas, one loyal and wonderful client sent me this song he recorded.

I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying peaceful and enjoyable holidays. Stay tuned in the new year, exciting news are coming!



September 17, 2014 – Four More Bound for Hawaii

IMG_2100I am happy to share more details of the four lovely ukuleles that are on their way to the Hawaii Music Supply store. As you can see, the full LFdM arsenal is on display here. Laskin-style armrests, different bridges, the two soundhole styles and premium woods. Sometimes I pause and think that somewhere, in Hawaii, someone is strumming their LFdM ukulele with the sound of the Pacific Ocean in the background and it makes me smile. Soon, there will be four more on those beautiful islands. Life is good.


September 4, 2014 – Great Compliments

There are some silent compliments that speak louder than any words could. Since I started building ukuleles about four years ago, I have come to know the community a bit more. One thing that stands out is that Hawaii Music Supply is one of the most respected names. In articles and bulletin boards, countless people comment on the service they receive and many will only buy their instruments from there – even if they live a continent away. When HMS place their first order of Ukaferris, I was honoured. When I found out that they were all sold by the time they landed, I was both surprised and happy.
As a further honour, HMS’s owner, Andrew, is now proudly holding an LFdM Ukaferri on their “About Us” page. This is both an incredible compliment and a deep responsibility. Perhaps soon he will add a “petite bouche” to his personal collection!




August 7, 2014 – “Petite Bouche” Makes an Appearance

Many of you followed the progress of the Amigo XL (40), a new variant of the Ukaferri named the “petite bouche”, a smaller oval sound hole compared to the traditional “grande bouche” of the original LFDM Ukaferri. You can now hear it sing! Its owner was generous enough to let another musician try it and he filmed the action. Here you can listen and enjoy the rich and deep sound, partly due to the woods and partly due to the slightly different bracing method used. And no, this ukulele is not amplified! I hope you enjoy.


March 11, 2011 – Amigo XL Takes Shape

IMG_1785I am happy to share progress on Amigo XL, the new “petite bouche” variant of the Ukaferri.

As you’ve seen from previous builds, the elegant lattice bracing helps support the top yet the tone itself is controlled by the “X” braces. This lattice design also works very well with both the traditional Ukaferri sound hole and the “petite bouche” (French for “small mouth”) design. The plate has been carefully tuned to respond to a variety of harmonics and sustain. So far, this has every indication of being an ukulele with wonderfully bright and crisp sound.

Staying on the lattice bracing, as I have noted some online conversations, it is important to point out that I use what I consider the best material for the job, hand-split sitka spruce, as it provides impressive strength to weight ratio.

The soundbox is now partially closed and some fine tuning is being performed to the tone bars now that the sides are mated to the top.

Keep in touch and send me your questions!

February 28, 2014 – A New Amigo Joins the Family

IMG_1723I am happy to share the development of the 40th Ukaferri, the Amigo XL. XL, of course, referring to the Roman numeral and not its size! This lovely instrument is being crafted for a good friend who has already two of my ukuleles. The top is the coveted Sinker Redwood and the back and sides the wonderful Milo, a wood native to Hawaii.

As you can see from the schematic below, this Ukaferri will feature a tail piece that resembles the famous Selmer Macaferri guitar that none other than D’Jango Reinhardt played in the famous Hot Club in Paris in the mid-1930s.

A lot of care is being taken to make it a special 40th edition of the Ukaferri. This instument will be named Rose, and will feature a special engraving on its Ebony fret board. All of the sophistications are being applied, including a sound port and the arm rest.

The tail piece is a special design of mine unique to this “petite bouche” Amigo. It can be removed if the player wants more harmonics in its tone.

More details to follow, and if anyone wishes to obtain this new “ultimate” Ukaferri, it can be ordered as a special custom edition.

February 11, 2014 – A Wonderful LFdM Ukulele Video

As more LFdM Ukaferris make it into the wild, I get the privilege to watch how they’re being enjoyed. Here, Dan is strumming away on his fully custom ukulele!

As always, please be sure to send me a note if you’d like to share a ┬ásound or video samples of you and your LFdM instruments.


December 30, 2013 – Bidding Farewell to 2013

IMG_1592Hello Everyone, it’s already time for the last update of 2013!

Seven of you have been patiently awaiting your instruments. It has been a wonderful journey. Each instrument I craft benefits from the experience of the ones that came before. As a result, this is decidedly the best group of Ukaferries to date. Their tone and aesthetics are more refined.

The pictures below are at the pre-finishing, or “white”, phase of the build. The next steps are not of particular photographic interest but entail many hours of careful finishing. These instruments will be shipping in January, just as the parcel carriers exit their busy holiday time and can provide faster service. This also gives me the time to properly finish and carefully tune all of them.

As some of you might have heard, we had a rather harsh ice storm in Ontario on December 22. This led to five days without power, leading me to burn some wood scraps to keep warm. Thankfully the ukuleles escaped the stove, and the progress will continue in the new year.

Stay tuned for the next projects!