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May 15th, 2017 – A Detailed Ukulele Review

Corey at Hawaii Music Supply has a notable reputation in the ukulele community, especially for his playing. So to watch him perform an 8-minute review of an Amigo tenor ukulele is wonderful.

Just one note, the woods that I used for this instrument were Alaskan Yellow Cedar  for the top and Curly Bubinga for the back and sides.



LFDM 0417 Amigo LVI from Hawaii Music Supply on Vimeo.

February 8th, 2017 – A Very Special Ukulele

I’m proud to share information on this tenor ukulele called “Little Nadia” that I recently completed for a dear friend, Ted. Its name is in recognition of his beloved wife of 31 years who always supported his love for the guitar. This tenor ukulele is similar to the classic guitar I built for him in 2013, almost four years ago. It’s another example of the “classic” style of ukulele.  

December 4th, 2016 – A Ukulele Appreciation Video

Well it seems that I tend to share music on Sundays, so this is quite fitting.

I recently completed this ukulele, named Mercedes by the lovely person who commissioned it, Brenda. I could list its features, as I often do, but she has done a wonderful job outlining them in this video. On top of it, you can hear the instrument itself!

Be sure to stay warm out there.


November 28th, 2016 – Three Ukuleles for Ontario

A number of months ago I received a number of local orders. This is always nice because there is a greater chance for me to meet the musicians, both during the commissioning process and once the instrument is built.


Here are three ukuleles that were built for local Ontario customers. I know that many of you like seeing the final products as they give ideas of various combinations, I hope you enjoy these.

August 5, 2015 – Ukulele Music from France

I received a special surprise in my inbox the other day, a talented musician from France who commissioned “Nuage”, a custom tenor ukulele. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did!

May 25, 2016 – More Instruments in Hawaii

And they’re off! With all the fanfare about the Grand Amigo, I also secretly completed four lovely tenor ukuleles that are now off to Hawaii Music Supply. It’s a little challenging to keep up with which instruments are left as they tend to sell fast, however on their website they currently have one tenor available (see video below). I know for a fact that the third instrument in the gallery is sold.


And, to round off the post by including another media format, here is a podcast from Hawaii Music Supply discussing and playing one of my instruments!


May 3, 2016 – A History of Grande Amigo

IMG_3451Now that it’s been launched, here’s a little more background on the Grande Amigo. The instrument came out of a discussion with a long-standing friend and client, Tony. Tony is largely the reason for my building ukuleles. He was the first recipient of my tenor model, and he even coined the name “Amigo”.┬áHe approached me about a year ago, and while discussing the LFdM Amigo and Maccaferri-style classical guitar he has already acquired, the possibility of an instrument somewhere in between came up.

After months of discussion, exchange of ideas and prototyping in my workshop, the Grande Amigo was born and two models were built. One for Tony and the other for Hawaii Music Supply.

Here is Tony’s initial feedback after receiving the first official Grande Amigo:

“[The Grande Amigo] has more bottom [bass] than I thought it would, which is great. I think the body depth really helps there. The short scale makes the action so fast and easy….like child’s play. So far, it is just terrific.”

Below you will find the only picture of the full LFdM Maccaferri-style line-up! Also, just the initial pictures of the instrument has yielded a few orders. If you want one in the near future, be sure to contact me immediately for Canada orders, and Andrew at HMS for international orders!

February 19, 2015 – Ukuleles Enjoying a Classical Duet

Both myself and owners of recent Amigo builds have been asking what the recent and gradual improvements to the instruments mean. With each instrument, there is a small additional refinement, which is difficult to quantify.

Well, here is video of a fully-dressed recent “petite bouche” ukulele for you to enjoy. This will hopefully tide you over until these three wonderful guitars I’m completing are ready to sing.

August 7, 2014 – “Petite Bouche” Makes an Appearance

Many of you followed the progress of the Amigo XL (40), a new variant of the Ukaferri named the “petite bouche”, a smaller oval sound hole compared to the traditional “grande bouche” of the original LFDM Ukaferri. You can now hear it sing! Its owner was generous enough to let another musician try it and he filmed the action. Here you can listen and enjoy the rich and deep sound, partly due to the woods and partly due to the slightly different bracing method used. And no, this ukulele is not amplified! I hope you enjoy.


July 23, 2014 – Four Ukuleles Bound for Hawaii

IMG_2040Although my ukulele build list is full for the remainder of this year, I have some good news. The wonderful people at the Hawaii Music Supply store in beautiful Oahu will have four LFdM ukuleles available. Three will be the classic Ukaferri model and one will be the new “petite bouche” model. They are all cutaway models and three feature the Laskin-style armrest.

Given the progress in my workshop, I anticipate that they will be shipped sometime in late August. I invite you to contact Andrew or any of the lovely people at HMS for more information. From what I heard, the last group of ukuleles I sent there barely lasted a week before they were all acquired! Below is a sneak peek of what I’m building. HMS will be able to provide details on their details and which are still available.