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November 27th, 2016 – More Music from Toshi

As the days get shorter and a little colder, I hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying good company. Toshi, the musician, composer and teacher who commissioned the customer guitar named Prayer, sent me another one of his recordings “Anohi”. I couldn’t think of something better to share on a Sunday with you all. I hope you enjoy.


July 24, 2016 – A Meaningful Prayer

Today I’m very proud to showcase build pictures my latest guitar project. Just completed and on its way to a wonderful composer, performer and teacher in Japan, this unique instrument was a wonderful challenge that put my engineering skills to good use. Named “Prayer”, it will provide a unique versatility both on stage and in the studio. The name “Prayer” came from the meditative quality this composer experiences when he is playing the music. This form of praying is something he reports experiencing with “to audiences, with audiences, representing people [through music], for nature, mother earth and [the] universe”. I feel quite humbled that he entrusted me with creating the guitar that would allow him to fully engage his craft.

Featuring a Malaysian blackwood back and sides with a sinker redwood top, it also boasts of a wonderful birds-eye maple neck and curly maple bindings. The fretboard is a wonderfully accented Brazilian ebony.

The electronics are conveniently placed in the upper bout, naturally with a sliding door to keep things neat and tidy. Also of interest is the mechanism allowing the player to close the sound hole by means of an actuation lever, employing a magnetic seal to ensure components are held in place and there is no negative impact to sound due to unexpectedly resonating parts. This means that the guitar can sing like a traditional LFdM, or be turned into what can only be described as a near-solid body sound where the electronics can pick up the strings with surprising clarity.

The action adjustment is also conveniently placed in the heel, this way the action can be altered on the fly depending on the type of music being played. All of these features add up to an incredibly versatile instrument, replacing the need for multiple guitars and offering a wonderful range of sounds. I hope you enjoy the images!