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July 18th, 2017 – Introducing Clarita

Here is another wonderful ukulele I will complete soon. Named CLARITA, from the Latin claro meaning pure in sound and distinct in expression, this tenor ukulele is crafted from Macassar Ebony for the fretboard and bindings, Curly Koa for back and sides and a Port Orford Cedar top. The Venetian cutaway isn’t a common application for me on a ukulele, and adds some sharpness to the instrument.

This instrument will soon be on its way to a very musical family here in Ontario, and will be in a household full of professional jazz.

July 4th, 2017 – Grande Amigo Sings Again

You’ll likely remember the update of the six-string baritone ukulele crafted for Tony Horlor, a skilled musician and LFdM enthusiast who is kind enough to share sound clips and videos of him enjoying his ukulele. Here you’ll hear him on the ukulele and lead vocals. He’s added some good details on the video information also.


December 4th, 2016 – A Ukulele Appreciation Video

Well it seems that I tend to share music on Sundays, so this is quite fitting.

I recently completed this ukulele, named Mercedes by the lovely person who commissioned it, Brenda. I could list its features, as I often do, but she has done a wonderful job outlining them in this video. On top of it, you can hear the instrument itself!

Be sure to stay warm out there.


November 28th, 2016 – Three Ukuleles for Ontario

A number of months ago I received a number of local orders. This is always nice because there is a greater chance for me to meet the musicians, both during the commissioning process and once the instrument is built.


Here are three ukuleles that were built for local Ontario customers. I know that many of you like seeing the final products as they give ideas of various combinations, I hope you enjoy these.

December 2, 2014 – Another Three Muskateers

For those of you who thought I was only working on restoring the Dammann, think again! I’m happy to share details on three ukuleles that are almost completed, just in time for the holidays.

The first, furthest from the camera, is bound for Hawaii Music Supply. It will be the only ukulele bound for Andrew’s store for a while due to my current build schedule, though more are planned for O’ahu. This cutaway “petite bouche” features a Curly Walnut back and sides, the ever popular Sinker Redwood top, and Abalone appointments. As with the other two, 100% natural ebony fretboard and bridge, real bone nut and saddle.

The second is also bound for Hawai’i but it is a a private build. It boasts of Walnut sides and back and a Carpathian Spruce top and a side sound port. It also has lovely Abalone appointments and its owner opted for a solid rather than slotted headstock.

Lastly, the instrument closest to the camera is a no-holds-barred fully appointed private build that will remain here in Ontario. With Milo sides and back, Curly Sitka top, Leopard wood appointments, “petite bouche”, cutaway, Laskin-style armrest, radius fretboard, side sound port, and MiSi pickup it certainly does not pull any punches.

I am now applying the final finish, and then will enjoy performing the final tuning and adjustments before delivery.



September 28, 2014 – Four Ukuleles Bound for Hawaii



And they’re off! A selection of Ukaferris representing my current range is being shipped to the Hawaii Music Supply store. Be sure to contact them if you’re interested. This is your only chance to get an LFdM ukulele this year! HMS will be able to let you know the details of each instrument.



July 23, 2014 – Four Ukuleles Bound for Hawaii

IMG_2040Although my ukulele build list is full for the remainder of this year, I have some good news. The wonderful people at the Hawaii Music Supply store in beautiful Oahu will have four LFdM ukuleles available. Three will be the classic Ukaferri model and one will be the new “petite bouche” model. They are all cutaway models and three feature the Laskin-style armrest.

Given the progress in my workshop, I anticipate that they will be shipped sometime in late August. I invite you to contact Andrew or any of the lovely people at HMS for more information. From what I heard, the last group of ukuleles I sent there barely lasted a week before they were all acquired! Below is a sneak peek of what I’m building. HMS will be able to provide details on their details and which are still available.