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July 4th, 2017 – Grande Amigo Sings Again

You’ll likely remember the update of the six-string baritone ukulele crafted for Tony Horlor, a skilled musician and LFdM enthusiast who is kind enough to share sound clips and videos of him enjoying his ukulele. Here you’ll hear him on the ukulele and lead vocals. He’s added some good details on the video information also.


August 28, 2016 – Prayer Completed

The build pictures for this instrument revealed mechanisms that might have made the instrument appear complex and perhaps even confusing. So it is important to me to share these final images, so that it can be seen in its final, elegant form.
The birds-eye maple and sinker redwood top creates an eclectic but complimentary combination that helps hint at the uniqueness of this instrument.
Toshi, the musician, composer and teacher who commissioned this instrument was kind enough to share his thoughts after receiving it in Japan:
“It successfully arrived just yesterday, July 27th in my hometown and I have been surprised at seeing and playing Prayer!

Every one of the parts and specs are perfect for me. Prayer is the most incredible guitar, and you are so wonderful. The neck is thick and tight from lower position to higher. The body is beautifully made with many great engineering ideas. And the color is so beautiful which my wife loves so much. Wow, you made my dream perfectly come true.”

Enjoy these pictures, and there’s a chance there will be a recording in the coming months!

August 11, 2016 – Toe-Tapping Baritone Ukulele Music

Though I enjoy sharing images of the build process for instruments, hearing their owners make them sing is a more profound thing for me. Being able to deliver an instrument that a musician then spends hundreds of hours playing, using it to express themselves and channel their creativity is powerful to me. Here we have a lovely recording of the baritone ukulele, the Grand Amigo, in all its glory.

It features Tony Horlor on vocals, baritone ukulele and bass, Terry Lawson on violin, Stan Muirhead on drums as well as Frank Burgess and Scott Jefferies on guitar.

I hope your toes will tap as much as mine did as you listen to this lovely tune!


Update: Following some requests, if anyone would like this song on CD, or in a higher quality format, simply e-mail the musician Tony Horlor.

May 9, 2016 – Grand Amigo Sings

Though Tony’s Baritone Grand Amigo has been in the spotlight recently, here is a video of a four-string baritone that was sent to HMS. Here you can see the sophistications that many people find almost mandatory (Laskin-style armrest, sound port). I hope you enjoy the lovely video Andrew and his team put together.

The combination you see is Amazon rosewood and a Bearclaw Sitka spruce top. The two-tone fretboard is a species of ebony from Brazil

Given the feedback it looks like there will be a number of more baritone builds. As always, please remember that the build schedule is typically a year these days. If you’re interested in a guitar, tenor or baritone ukulele, please email me so we can start the discussion and I can place you in the schedule.

LFDM Baritone from Hawaii Music Supply on Vimeo.

May 3, 2016 – A History of Grande Amigo

IMG_3451Now that it’s been launched, here’s a little more background on the Grande Amigo. The instrument came out of a discussion with a long-standing friend and client, Tony. Tony is largely the reason for my building ukuleles. He was the first recipient of my tenor model, and he even coined the name “Amigo”. He approached me about a year ago, and while discussing the LFdM Amigo and Maccaferri-style classical guitar he has already acquired, the possibility of an instrument somewhere in between came up.

After months of discussion, exchange of ideas and prototyping in my workshop, the Grande Amigo was born and two models were built. One for Tony and the other for Hawaii Music Supply.

Here is Tony’s initial feedback after receiving the first official Grande Amigo:

“[The Grande Amigo] has more bottom [bass] than I thought it would, which is great. I think the body depth really helps there. The short scale makes the action so fast and easy….like child’s play. So far, it is just terrific.”

Below you will find the only picture of the full LFdM Maccaferri-style line-up! Also, just the initial pictures of the instrument has yielded a few orders. If you want one in the near future, be sure to contact me immediately for Canada orders, and Andrew at HMS for international orders!

April 17, 2016 – A Full Introduction to Grande Amigo

Here we have the finished Baritone Ukulele. Following these pictures it was strung with Pyramid strings and carefully sent to its owner. I’m thankful for the opportunity to collaborate to create this new member of the LFdM family. My clients are passionate, caring and involved. This allows new opportunities and new discoveries. Sometimes it’s a new headstock, sometimes a new exotic wood, sometimes a new instrument.

This Baritone size ukulele provides more volume and a deeper tone, this version also offers six strings for greater flexibility while remaining portable. The pictures below, taken by the skillful Simon Maxwell, help outline the most prominent features.


For those who are curious, here is a sound sample played by the wonderful Brenda Wong and recorded and processed carefully by Dave Ebert. I hope to be able to share more soon!


March 21, 2015 – The Baritone Taking Shape

The baritone Ukaferri has taken final shape! The tonal qualities are impressive and, in conjunction with the choice of woods here, it is a very special instrument. The next steps will see its finishing, bringing out the wonderful grain and making it ready to sing. I cannot wait to hear it being played and it seems that this size of instrument is attracting a lot of attention. The introductory post was the most popular one on Facebook so far!

Stay tuned for the final images.

February 14, 2016 – Introducing the Baritone Ukulele

In 2014 a long-standing client commissioned this baritone ukulele. It follows the Ukaferri design language and features a grande bouche soundhole. As with guitars and ukuleles, the standard sophistications apply, cutaways, Laskin-style armrests, side sound ports, etc. The soundhole can also be round to give it a Spanish guitar flavour.

Although many baritone ukuleles feature four strings tuned DGBE, this inaugural instrument features six strings, tuned as a guitar is in EADGBE. This specific instrument features Zericote sides and back and a Red Cedar top (a special piece that has been resting and drying for over fifty years). To support the top, a lattice-style bracing, similar to the very successful application in my tenor ukuleles, was applied. In order to achieve the best possible tone given its size, the scale is 22 1/4″ and a nut that is 48mm wide. The lower bout is 11 15/16″, the body length is 13 5/8″. All said, the entire length is approximately 31 3/16″.

The fretboard, made of ebony, joins the body at the 16th fret, this enables the bridge to be located at the sweet spot on the top. Naturally it features a two-way truss rod accessible through the sound hole.

The strings are Pyramid, a brand that my ukulele clients are using more and more. The tuners are Swiss-made black Shertler units and are fitted on the classic Macaferri headstock.

As might be expected given the dimensions, a custom case is recommended and something that the first client will be doing to ensure the safety of this wonderful new instrument.

If you are in Canada and are interested in obtaining one, simply send me an e-mail. For clients elsewhere in the world, Hawaii Music Supply will be happy to discuss the order process with you!