January 12th, 2017 – LFdM Customer Service

A Happy New Year to all the music lovers around the globe! I hope that 2017 will be a kinder year to all.

I thought I’d start the year by sharing a story with you. As I trust you can imagine, I aim to build the best instruments that I can. Whether it’s a core feature or an aspect of the final finish, my satisfaction comes from creating something that will exceed expectations every time. Yes, this sometimes means it might take a little longer than anticipated, but I believe through good and regular communication it leads to a good destination.

Sometimes, though, things do go awry. Recently I had a bit of a heartbreak when an instrument built for a client who lives in Ottawa, Ontario (about 330 kilometres from my workshop and home) had a concern with his new tenor ukulele. I was left with a dilemma. As those who have acquired one of my instruments know, I offer a “builder’s lifetime” warranty. So as long as I’m physically able to perform the work, I will warrant a repair no matter how old it is (I was asked to add a little legal note here, as long as it is because of a manufacturing or materials defect!). The challenge is getting the instrument to my workshop, which can carry costs for the client.

In this case, I made the decision to have the instrument┬áreturned to my workshop, work on it, then return it in ┬áto the client. Why? I was able to and it made the most sense, it’s the treatment I would have hoped to receive.

I thought I’d share some of the comments form the customer after the fact. Things do go wrong. What matters is how they’re handled afterwards:

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. Your trip to see me yesterday, along with your quick response to the problem and just everything about how you conduct yourself and rectified my concerns was so great. “Over the top” is the term I would like to use for you. Your work, your conduct, and the pride you take in what you do has left me without concerns. I feel like I got the king treatment yesterday. I’m a really happy guy right now. I stayed up and played with VAL most of the night.”

I wish I could confidently say that I will never need to perform another warranty repair in the future, but no matter how many precautions I take these things are impossible to predict. Thank you for reading this little story, making someone happy like this is why I do this. And that I was able to do this off the back of a disappointment makes it even better.