“Ole Luis!! Great job amigo. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love what I heard from your new creation last night. The guitar is just a joy to play, without one single dead note either. You nailed it Luis, I just love her. And as usual she is a thing of beauty too. From the gorgeous purfling to the beautiful head stock, the Brazilian bridge, the bearclaw top, just stunning amigo.”

— Gustavo Scolieri
(Guitarist, recording artist and leader of Puente del Diablo)

Luis…..WOW! it’s beautiful, and as usual for you, the workmanship is top drawer. The Bubinga headstock veneer turned out to be especially stunning, as did the back. The high gloss finish looks amazing. How could any other Uke compare to this one? I think I mentioned earlier that the process of building a custom instrument is almost as important as the instrument itself. Working with you has been a great pleasure, as you have involved me from the start, and have provided more information + photos than anyone I have worked with before. I too will miss this project, and I really appreciate and admire the pride you take in your work. Maybe we can do this some time again in the future, possibly with a steel string Maccaferri style?

— Tony Horlor

I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how the instrument is working out. Everything is perfect, and I mean perfect. It fits my hands exactly as I had imagined; as if, well it was made for me! The guitar has a great tone, and I can hear that it will need some time to really open up and produce all those beautiful overtones and harmonics, but it already sounds great. I am going to experiment with strings while I am over in Spain, the bass are a little overpowering to the trebles, but that could be a simple changing of the trebles. The tuners work amazing as well. I did only get to put about 5-6 hours on the guitar this week; i am going to Spain next week and will be playing a lot there. Thanks again!

— Andrew Rosario

“I had no doubt that the guitar would feel natural, as though I were born to play it, for it was indeed born for me by some blessing of karma. The guitar is by far the best playing guitar I have ever encountered, and the sound is full and round – a true meisterstuek in craftsmanship and design! Every time I look at del Fuego I am awed by its’ beauty.”

— Johannes Linstead

(Award winning multi-instrumentalist and recording artist)

“Well, Canta Libre and I have been getting to know one another for a week now, so I thought it was time to give you some considered feedback. As you know, when I picked the guitar up last weekend, I was thrilled with the outcome… I am even more so now.

Luis, you absolutely nailed it! Responsive to my relatively light touch and it rings with such a clear, balanced and sweet voice, from the cello-like bass to the expressive trebles. This is also the most visually stunning instrument I have played, or owned, over 38 years. In his efforts to design a better nylon string guitar, Mario Maccaferri had it right conceptually (well, OK not with the internal resonator), but your unique and inspired execution of this design is quite simply superb; period!”

— David Brown

(Guitarist and composer)

“About two weeks ago, I purchased one of your guitars made in 2008 used from The Twelfth Fret in Toronto. It is an exceptional instrument and more than exceeds my expectation. It is a beautiful guitar with wonderful tone and is lighter than any classical/flamenco guitar I have played. The detailed craftsmanship is extraordinary. I really enjoy the cedar/cyprus wood combination and wonder if you receive many requests for this.


I have purchased many guitars over the years, (more steel strings than nylon). This guitar is a rare find and I dare say an instrument in this class is easily worth twice, possibly three times what I paid for it. I did buy it used so I know I received an even greater deal. I live in Chilliwack, BC so it is difficult to properly inspect guitars at such a range. I purchased it with a little bit of faith and I was rewarded.”

— Reid L

I have received El Faro. It really is a beautiful instrument. It is fantastic to have and play the guitar that has been hand made over several months and one that I have seen built through the pictures. It arrived safe and sound and without problem.


Thank you very much Luis for putting everything into this guitar and for making such a special sounding instrument. Already the tone is warm and responsive, smooth and melodic. It is a pleasure to play and look at.


— Sasha Leonov

Oh my god, Luis I am blown away!!!! This is just beyond words to describe, it’s looking so beautiful. I can’t believe that this is my guitar; only in my wildest dreams could I have imagined something this amazing. You have done a fantastic job, thank you.

— Kasim Siddiqi

Wow” what a great Christmas present – excellent workmanship, not to mention the sound which I love. I Also love the combination of bubinga and redwood.  

— Paul

Simply amazing! I cannot put this ukulele down. I wanted an instrument that I can cherish and pass down to my son. You delivered. I love the craftsmanship and the wonderful deep tone. The Redwood and Bubinga is a great combination. The inlay work looks even better in person. You should be proud of your gift and skills. Thank you for making this beautiful instrument. Hopefully in the future you will do me the honor of building another instrument.    

— Morgan S.

My Luis Feu de Mesquita guitar "ROSE" is the best guitar I have ever played, and the sound is sweet to your ears.

— Karl S.

I've now had two good long sessions of practicing with the Jazz Royale through my amp, and its feeling quite good, I'm getting used to the touch and how to bring out the sound I like best - and I'm driving back to NYC today as I got called for a record date w/a good singer that I work with and will have a chance to record with the guitar. I think it should work very well - as far as I know there's not another nylon string out there that has as much of a jazz tone and feel that you can bring out of this one, and yet you can still go for a fairly acoustic feel too.

— Paul Meyers

Nadia, my wife of 27 years, has always indulged my passion / obsession for music and all things guitar.  So when I engaged Luis to build a classical guitar for me, it was clear what it would be named.  From the outset, Luis took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for in a hand-made guitar based on my musical preferences and playing style, and helped me make informed decisions regarding various options including wood types and accents.


I felt directly involved throughout the entire production process through regular updates and pictures.  Watching the progress as "Nadia" came together was almost as enjoyable as receiving the final product (which was definitely worth the wait).  The guitar looks great, and more importantly, sounds amazing - tremendous resonance, especially at the low end!  And it's the attention to fine detail that stands out for me - for example, the subtle abalone accent on the bridge to complement the 12th fret inlay.  I couldn't be more pleased with "Nadia", and look forward to many years of enjoyment with this special instrument.  Well done Luis!

— Ted C.

The ukulele you made me is incredible. I am notorious in the ukulele world for buying high end ukuleles and then turning around and just selling them because I like to try them. I have done that many times. Yours is one of the few that I intend to keep though. Wonderful instrument! Sorry for the quality of the video, but I thought you might like to see it.


— Steve C.

Fantasia and I have a great "love affair" going.  The more I seek to draw out rich, beautiful tones from Fantasia the more she opens up and produces those gorgeous, well balanced tones with a smooth tonal line allowing for true musical phrasing -- allowing the player to shape the musical phrases the way they are heard in one's mind.  All this and she is just beginning the "playing in" process.  Fantasia still has more to give as she continues to open up.  I am very happy, indeed, with Fantasia.  Fantasia holds her own as a fine musical instrument alongside my finest lutes and my best 19th century guitars.  Each are very different, of course, but they are equals in quality.  Thank you, Luis, for this beautiful ukulele.

— Donna

I didn't have a chance to unbox my brand new LFdM uke until last night. All I can say is ... WWWWOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! First of all .... all of the pictures that you posted on your website of the 7 ukes, including mine - just don't serve justice on how BEAUTIFUL my LFdM uke is live in real life!!! It is absolutely STUNNING!!! I looked it over really good and it survived the shipping process without any damage! THANK GOODNESS!!! I got out my clip on tuner and tuned her up ... oh my gosh, she sounds AMAZING!!!

I would describe this LFdM uke as a work of art! Your work ethic is truly uncompromising with the utmost attention to detail and a sound that parallels the exquisite workmanship that produced this outstanding instrument. In my honest opinion, I would have to say that it is one of the absolute best of the best in high end ukuleles and testimony to the craftsmanship and quality in all aspects of construction and sound. Remarkable clarity and sustain with perfectly set intonation as well. There is no compromise to the workmanship that has been done and no expense of time or resource spared for this spectacular instrument. Astounding aesthetics parallel the warm, rich, and complex tones offered by this wonderful and amazing ukulele.

I really love the neck size and shape. The set up and playability is perfect for the way I like to play. Oh, and the beveled are rest - WOW! There is definitely a noticeable difference in comfort! Luis, I am completely thrilled with my new LFdM uke and can't thank you enough for creating such an amazing ukulele! My new LFdM uke is by far the best uke that I've ever owned or played! This uke will be my exclusive uke and I can honeslty say that for me, I"ve found "The One" the "Holy Grail" uke that I've been dreaming and searching for. It has every option that I've wanted on a uke and you made my dream come true! Mahalo nui loa, Luis!!!

I've played all the Hawaiian production "K" brands, various Collings ukes, Martin ukes, Breedlove ukes, Taylor ukes, and many custom ukes as well.

I know that your Maccaferri style ukes may not appeal to everyone, especially the traditionalists ... but they don't know what they're missing! I got away from production ukes a long time ago. My reasoning is this: Why have a mass produced uke that thousands of others own, even if it is a "K" Brand or Collings, Martin, Breedlove, Taylor, etc. I wanted high end custom hand made instruments that are unique and only a few select people own them. However, being custom made actually makes each instrument unique in itself. I like ukes that are different and unique ... and that is the reason why I had been interested in acquiring a LFdM uke one day.

  My UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome) is cured!!!

— Kimo

I've had my incredible sinker redwood/rosewood tenor ukulele, "Karl Leroy", for almost four months now, and all I can say is, "oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start"! Such an absolutely beautiful and perfect instrument - thank you so much! I can't believe I actually own such an incredibly magnificent piece of musical art. I have some very, very nice instruments, but nothing approaches Karl Leroy in beauty and tone. I wish I had the musical terms to describe how incredibly wonderful, rich, smooth, deep, maybe even "velvety" the sound is, but of course you already know that. I'm sorry that my rudimentary playing won't do him justice at this point, but I now have a powerful incentive to improve my skills.

Thank you again! I am a fan of your instruments for life, and hope that we can collaborate on another in the future.

— Kathryn V.