August 28, 2016 – Prayer Completed

The build pictures for this instrument revealed mechanisms that might have made the instrument appear complex and perhaps even confusing. So it is important to me to share these final images, so that it can be seen in its final, elegant form.
The birds-eye maple and sinker redwood top creates an eclectic but complimentary combination that helps hint at the uniqueness of this instrument.
Toshi, the musician, composer and teacher who commissioned this instrument was kind enough to share his thoughts after receiving it in Japan:
“It successfully arrived just yesterday, July 27th in my hometown and I have been surprised at seeing and playing Prayer!

Every one of the parts and specs are perfect for me. Prayer is the most incredible guitar, and you are so wonderful. The neck is thick and tight from lower position to higher. The body is beautifully made with many great engineering ideas. And the color is so beautiful which my wife loves so much. Wow, you made my dream perfectly come true.”

Enjoy these pictures, and there’s a chance there will be a recording in the coming months!