August 20, 2017 – Clara Almost Complete

Even though I have not completed numerous tenor ukuleles, each is different somehow. You can now see how the Curly Koa and Port Orford Cedar look with the finishing touches applied. Also, I continuously look to improve. For some time now I’ve stopped using common lacquer products which have been established as carcinogenic. The world is already polluted enough, thinking about the state of the planet when my grandson grows up, and given that my clients tend to spend hours holding my instruments on a daily basis, I continuously look to provide the best instrument finish with the least negative impact.
On a different note, one of the things that truly excites me about this ukulele is the attention it will receive. Just one look at Diane’s website and I know that the integrated pickup (an LR Baggs FIve-O) will get some good use!
Enjoy the pictures for now, more updates coming soon.