August 11, 2016 – Toe-Tapping Baritone Ukulele Music

Though I enjoy sharing images of the build process for instruments, hearing their owners make them sing is a more profound thing for me. Being able to deliver an instrument that a musician then spends hundreds of hours playing, using it to express themselves and channel their creativity is powerful to me. Here we have a lovely recording of the baritone ukulele, the Grand Amigo, in all its glory.

It features Tony Horlor on vocals, baritone ukulele and bass, Terry Lawson on violin, Stan Muirhead on drums as well as Frank Burgess and Scott Jefferies on guitar.

I hope your toes will tap as much as mine did as you listen to this lovely tune!


Update: Following some requests, if anyone would like this song on CD, or in a higher quality format, simply e-mail the musician Tony Horlor.