April 24th, 2017 – Tenor and Baritone in Hawaii

My relationship with the Hawaii Music Supply family continues to grow. As many of you now know, they have handled all of my international orders for some time now. Once in a while, you will find one or two of my instruments on their websites. The only complaint so far is that they tend to sell before they physically arrive there!

One of the many wonderful things about the Hawaii Music Supply shop is that they make detailed videos and sound samples of the instruments, showing great respect and appreciation for them. This just hints at their level of customer service.

Here I’m happy to share two instruments that recently arrived there. The first is a tenor ukulele featuring bearclaw sitka and zericote, finished with snake wood appointments.


 The baritone ukulele features a 20″ scale and boasts a bearclaw sitka spruce top and quilted maple sides and back. The appointments are of rosewood. Though some like their baritones to tune them with essentially the the lower four strings of a guitar, DGBE, this one stays closer to its ukulele roots and was tuned with GCEA strings.

Enjoy the videos and sound samples!